We are a small team currently working across Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. We assist individuals with a learning disability to achieve their personal goals and become engaged in their local community. We are a person-centred service, designed around the needs of our clients.

Our Aims and Values:

To work in partnership with clients, their families and other professionals

To respect and uphold the client’s rights and freedom of choice

To increase client’s sense of worth and self-esteem

To support clients to discover their dreams and achieve their goals

To empower clients to make their own decisions, gain confidence and independence

To protect vulnerable people from harm and abuse

To reduce client’s reliance on specialist support services

Our ultimate goal is to support clients to become as independent and included as they are able to be

Meet Josh

With over 7 years experience in the health and social care sector, Josh has an extensive background in support work and community connecting.

Josh has previously worked as a support worker for clients with learning disabilities in the community and in supported living accommodation.

He also developed a sports coaching company for individuals with disabilities and worked as a Physical Education Coordinator in a primary school, before setting up JH Community Support in 2016.

Extensive support work and community connecting experience.

Trained in basic First Aid.

Adapted Disability Sports Award.

BTEC Level 2 in Learning Disabilities.

NVQ Level 2 and 3 in Health & Social Care.

Trained in Health and Safety At Work, Mental Health Awareness and Autism Awareness.

Meet Jackie

Jackie has worked for over twenty years in the public and private sector. Jackie has served the community in various roles such as a front desk officer for Northamptonshire Police and a duty manager for a busy sports centre.

Jackie is passionate about encouraging and supporting young adults with learning difficulties to live happy, balanced and fulfilled lives.

Jackie employs a person-centered approach to maximise positive and rewarding outcomes for service users and their families.

The definition of a 'people person'.

Recently graduated in Psychology & Criminology followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in International Relations.

20 years experience dealing with clients.

Genuinely cares for our clients and has good working relationships with all of them.

Bring passion, energy, happiness and problem solving to the service every single day.

Organisations We Work With:

Construction Company

Michelle Smith - Social Worker, Adult Social Services

“The service is very honest. They seek progression and look at promoting independence… A client you have been working with is much more confident.

He no longer requires the level of support first put in situ and he is becoming less reliant on other, empowering and developing confidence... Josh responds to concerns promptly and maintains communication to ensure a all involved are aware.”


Construction Company

Emma Wimpress - Head of Volunteer Services at Northampton General Hospital

“The changes have been remarkable with the clients we have been working alongside. The changes include increased confidence, motivation and giving back to the hospital.

If you are looking for a service that shows 100% commitment and professionalism these are definitely the people to use. Josh shows such enthusiasm and passion to helping others and we all truly admire his work ethic and determination to help others."

Also Creating Work Opportunities At: